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Connecting History and Agriculture for Economic Growth in Orange County, Virginia

The Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development (OED) is helping Orange County and the Montpelier Foundation identify and assess agriculture and tourism-related economic opportunities for Montpelier, the Virginia home of President James Madison and his wife, Dolly Madison. taladafil cialis.

Home football games bring $69 million impact, 300 jobs to region

Virginia Tech home football games draw an influx of out-of-town fans – a boon to many businesses in the region. The visiting maroon-and-orange contingent now has a dollar value: $69 million. buy synthroid from mexico.

Virginia Soars

The Virginia Department of Aviation has engaged the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development to craft a broadly supported and actionable plan to strengthen the aviation and aerospace workforce in the state. Our office will spearhead the development of the statewide implementation plan. by cialis from london.

Hi-Tech Skills in Virginia's Coal Country

Southwest Virginia economies continue to reel from declines in coal production and employment. Against this backdrop, communities can seize opportunities to better support and retrain displaced coal mine workers in an industry where jobs fell to a record low of less than 4,000 in 2014, a Virginia Tech workforce study says.
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